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NetJets Hangar

Project Details

Columbus, Ohio
124,000 square feet

Structural System: Butler Heavy Structures
Roof System: MR-24® roof system
Wall System: StylWall® II wall system
End Use: Aviation

The centerpiece of this 124,000-square-foot business jet maintenance base is a 190'-wide clearspan hangar. The front-to-back single slope provides for over 80,000 square feet of column-free interior space. Aircraft access the building through two 100'-wide hangar doors on the high sidewall.

The complex also provides 27,000 square feet of office space in a two-story structure at the rear of the building, along with an 80'x190'-single-story shops area. Butler Heavy Structures designed and supplied the structural framing system, which consists of W14 mill-section columns and shop-fabricated roof trusses that taper in depth from 9'6" at the low side of the building to 11'6" at the high side. The roof trusses bear on 17'-deep jack trusses that span each of the 100'-hangar door openings.

The office and shop structures were framed with mill section columns and beams. All of the buildings utilized cold-formed, Z-section roof and wall secondary components and a standing seam metal roof system and metal fluted wall system.

Butler Heavy Structures-NetJets Hangar-Interior-900x722