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Robins Air Force Base C5 Corrosion Control Hangar

heavy structures robins air force base c5 exterior featured

Project Details

Robins, Georgia
230,000 square feet

Structural System: Butler Heavy Structures
Roof System: MR-24® roof system
Wall System: Insulated Metal Panel
End Use: Aviation, Institutional

The Warner Robins Corrosion Control Facility is comprised of two separate work bays, each featuring a 245'-wide x 300'-deep area. Each hangar has two eight-leaf rolling hangar doors, for a 75'-high clear opening. Interior vertical clearance is provided for the fall protection systems, draft curtains, and ceiling mounted telescoping man lift platforms. Framing is designed to support significant mechanical equipment loads.

A deep plenum box truss over the doors provides support for mechanical loads while limiting deflections. Deep trusses spanning from the front to the rear of the hangars provide the deflection limitations required for the teleplatform cranes. The second set of cold-formed secondaries supports a full stepped-height ceiling liner in both hangars.

Exterior wall panels are custom color metal wall panels, with sidelap sealant to achieve the air and water infiltration requirements. The roof system is a standing seam metal roof over cold-formed zee purlins.

heavy structures robins air force base c5 interior
heavy structures robins air force base c5 building frame in progress