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SunLite Strip® Daylighting System

Save money, improve your building’s aesthetics, increase employee productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction by introducing natural daylight into any Butler® building featuring the MR-24® Roof System.

SunLite Strip Daylighting System 

The SunLite Strip® Daylighting System has a high-quality curbed system providing several benefits to building owners.

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Easy Installation

The curb arrives fully assembled to reduce labor hours and save money. 

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High Quality Design

It is made from aluminum for ultimate corrosion resistance and longevity. By not diverting through the corrugation, it eliminates the risk for leaks at that location. 

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Seamless Transition

The curb creates an attractive, high-quality transition detail between your roof insulation and the daylight opening. 

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Flexible Installation

The unit is installed AFTER the roof is in place so builders can install when the time is right. And it can be installed in retrofit applications as well. 

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Superior Performance

Skylights provide high, daylight illumination with visible light transmission up to 72% and are available in standard double-dome and triple-dome glazing.

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Safety is Covered

Optional, below-dome safety screens are available to provide fall protection for installers working on the roof top. Burglar bars are also available. 

Harvesting Daylighting

Natural daylight creates a more comfortable interior environment which can reduce stress, increase creativity, and clarity of thought.  Productivity gains of 15% or more have been documented.  Retail store studies show that sales increased by 40% when daylighting is introduced.  Student test score improvement was measured from 6-20%.  Even healthcare outcomes improve with the introduction of natural light.

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Download the Sunlite Strip Product Digest

Learn more about the features and benefits of the SunLite Strip Daylighting System by downloading the product diget.

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