United States Coast Guard Boat Facility

United States Coast Guard Boat Facility

Project Details

Boston, MA
4,500 square feet
End Use: Boat maintenance and storage

The US Coast Guard needed a building for maintenance and fast-deployment storage for two Coast Guard teams and their vessels. Speed of construction was critical to the mission to meet homeland security targets and for commissioning ceremonies for the Maritime Safety & Security Team (MSST).

The corrosion resistant metal roof and wall systems uniquely fit the Coast Guard’s requirements for a 4,500 square foot facility to withstand constant exposure to saltwater. BlueScope Construction’s design-build solution included fully galvanized Widespan™ structural system, painted Butlerib® II roof system, and Thermawall™ wall panels manufactured with stainless steel exterior facing. In addition, all fasteners and secondary structural members were custom manufactured with similar corrosion resistant materials. The scope of work included extensive demolition of an existing adjacent building and hydroblasting the surface of the wharf to remove the top 3 to 5 inches of concrete to prepare the site for a new structural topping slab, the new facility, and a future 44-foot expansion.

The Coast Guard was able to obtain the building materials needed for the unique environmental conditions along with sitework, construction, and favorable pricing through BlueScope Construction-GSA contracts on the GSA Federal Supply Schedule. The streamlined acquisition-to-installation time enabled the Coast Guard units to move in on schedule. Construction was actually completed two weeks ahead of schedule.

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