US Army Trainee Barracks Complex Phase 2 Expansion

US Army Trainee Barracks Complex Phase 2 Expansion

Project Details

Fort Benning, GA
153,009 square feet
End Use: 4 Barracks and 3 Outbuildings

BlueScope Construction provided building shell design, materials procurement and erection on these four barracks and 3 out buildings that were part of a phase 2 expansion of an existing barracks complex at Fort Benning. BlueScope was a prime subcontractor under the Clark Caddell Partnership, continuing our work from the initial design-build barracks construction. Total project size was 153,009 square feet. Each of the four barracks houses 240 trainees (four platoons) and their CO cadre (an additional 18 persons). Each barracks has a covered, open area for training. Basic training occurs on a standard cycle with a new group of recruits moving into the facility every 10 weeks.

All the barracks were designed to LEED Silver. BSC’s designs and proprietary materials from BlueScope Buildings helped to provide “cool” roofs to avoid the heat island effect. The standing seam metal roof systems were in Solar White color and also included the standard 25-year weather tightness warranty. Many of the supplied building shell components were recycled and helped the project achieve its desired LEED rating.

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