Wyandot County Engineers Garage/Office

Wyandot County Engineers Garage/Office

Project Details

Upper Sandusky, OH
29,965 square feet: 98' x 260', 19'-11" eave; 77'-4" x 58', 13'-5" eave
End Use: Engineers Office and Maintenance Garage Complex

Wyandot County wanted to build their new engineers office/garage complex without the low-quality problem they associated with low bid projects. They desired a top-quality facility like they had received before from the local Butler Builder, Clouse Construction.

Our Sourcewell contract gave the county a way to utilize Clouse without going through the hard-bid process. By contracting with BlueScope Construction, an awarded vendor on the Sourcewell cooperative contract, Wyandot County as a Sourcewell member could get a new facility without going through the hard bid, low-quality process.

BlueScope Construction used Clouse Construction as their local prime subcontractor getting the county the quality facility they wanted by utilizing local subcontractors. The success of this project led to another utilizing the Sourcewell contract.

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