Dedicated To Research and Development

When settling isn’t in your vocabulary, the best becomes within reach. Where others see limits, we see possibilities — possibilities that help make your building work harder for you. The highest-quality roof. Longer bay sizes. Unbeatable design flexibility. The most energy-efficient. More becomes possible when you are constantly pushing the boundaries.

An Unmatched Commitment

The Longest-Standing Research And Development Program

A history ripe with innovation that matters. It shows a commitment to finding better answers and that breaking down boundaries is in our DNA. But more importantly, it shows we know how to develop and apply practical answers to some of the biggest building design challenges.

Our company was founded in 1901 on the idea that we could build a better product, and we’ve been honing that steel building design expertise for nearly 120 years. Our team has delivered most of the industry’s major advancements. Over the years, we’ve held more than 50 patents, including the industry’s first weathertight standing-seam metal roof. So, imagine the kind of brainpower and dedication we can bring to your project.

A Unique Vision For The Future

Today, we’re not just focused on innovating products that do more for customers, we’re also focused on streamlining the building process. We’ve developed tools that help you choose the best option to keep long-term operating costs under control, visualize the building long before construction starts, and take guesswork and human error out of the process.

The Most In-Depth R&D Space

In 1959, we opened the doors to our Research and Development Center, a dedicated space for product development and testing. Today, it is home to the industry’s only privately owned Guarded Hot Box, a testing apparatus to quantify energy efficiency. We also have numerous other tests focused on product strength, efficiency and longevity:

It’s because of this unique space, and the people who work in it, that we have a unique perspective on how to build some of the strongest and longest-lasting buildings in the industry.

A Legacy All Our Own

No other company in the industry can offer the expertise and experience we have with engineering quality building systems. No other company can match our track record of delivering game-changing innovations that stay ahead of your needs and code mandates. It’s with this foundation that we can help you build a building that delivers true business value.

Pushing The Industry Forward

Pioneering Innovations

Our innovations help you build better, through more flexible and durable building components and technology that streamlines the building process.

Expertise And Accountability At Every Step

You’ll have a single point of contact dedicated to exceeding expectations in the most efficient way possible.

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