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Corporate Accounts

Our experienced and knowledgeable corporate accounts team is your trusted partner for corporate construction services. With our vast experience in a variety of industries, our services can be invaluable to your next construction project.

Confidently Expand Your Business Operations with Butler®

By partnering with Butler Manufacturing™, companies throughout North America can build faster and more efficiently than ever before. Using higher quality products and precision manufacturing services, we help to mitigate construction risks for projects of all sizes.

With a variety of building options from building shell erections to full-service design-build contracting, we have the tools and experience needed to meet your budget, schedule, and quality standards.

Whether you’re facing boardroom pressure to expand your franchise or are looking for a strategic partner who can get the job done quickly and efficiently, our corporate accounts team is ready to help.

Big plans to expand your business?

Why Corporations Choose Butler®

30% Faster Construction
We offer a crucial speed-to-market advantage that can get you built and generating revenue 30% faster than conventional construction. Our approach helps eliminate disruptive stops/starts and process redundancies to reduce in-place costs and greatly condense completion schedules.
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Increased Cost & Energy Savings
Our building assemblies are proven to be more energy and cost-efficient, using built-in lifetime savings that help minimize the total cost of ownership. We offer a range of energy-efficient roof and wall systems and 25-year color finishes that can reduce the amount of energy required to heat a building by 30%.
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Industry-Leading Building Systems
Butler is the premier manufacturer of engineered building systems. We offer better products that go farther and last longer, like our MR-24® standing seam roof that can reduce maintenance costs by 90%. And our entire product line is continually tested at the Butler Research Center—the only quality-control resource of its kind in our industry.
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Single Point Of Contact
We’re set up to provide you with a single expert contact who will help you streamline communications and avoid the potential liabilities inherent with multisite projects. Our project managers are skilled at identifying strategic cost savings, streamlining supply chain coordination, and providing optimized service management.
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Expanding your business?
Harley-Davidson Corporate Account: Saving Time, Money, and Maintenance
Harley-Davidson partners with Butler for three reasons: experience, cost, and speed. Through our partnership, we have built 100 streamlined, efficient, and beautiful Harley-Davidson buildings all across the nation.

With our services, Harley-Davidson lowered its operating costs and saved an estimated $30,000, even after adding 50% more space. Its new facilities require less maintenance, are more energy-efficient, and, in their words, are simply fantastic.

“This new building is fantastic! We built on a former cornfield on the outskirts of town and it draws lots of attention and many compliments. Our Butler Builder® gave us exactly what we wanted in appearance, efficiency, price per square foot. I feel we got the best deal around.

In terms of energy efficiency, the facility also exceeds my expectations. The building is five times larger than the old one in cubic feet but doesn’t cost more to heat and cool than the old one.”

Chuck Hamlin

Owner, Hamlin Harley-Davidson, Sturgis, MI

“We have been very satisfied with the price, functional flow and especially the aesthetics of the building. Our new facility requires no significant maintenance other than an occasional washdown and has been inexpensive to heat and cool. Working with our Butler Builder® on a design/build basis also saved us an estimated $30,000.”

Rick Bennett

Owner, Bluegrass Harley-Davidson, Louisville, KY

Ready To Start Building?

With our vast experience in a variety of industries, the Butler Corporate Accounts team is here to help you build.