The Butler Difference

There are certain people in this world who make, who do. Everything becomes a tool for building. And if it doesn’t exist, they create it. Our team encompasses about 350 of these people who, each day, create better answers for building design requirements through new products, new technology and customized building designs.

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Proven Building Quality

The difference is in the details, from the Scrubolt™ fasteners to the roof clips. Butler® building components are designed for strength, durability, longevity and sustainability.

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Built-In Lifetime Savings

Delivering buildings that add value to your bottom line for years to come is a top priority for us, and we have industry-leading modeling tools to help illustrate your potential savings.

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Leading Design Capabilities

We have the engineering expertise and technology to make virtually any building design a reality. Plus, our building systems are known for their versatility.

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Finding Better Answers

Pioneering Innovations

Our innovations help you build better, through more flexible and durable building systems and technology that streamline the building process.

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Dedicated To Research And Development

We constantly push the boundaries to find better answers to building challenges.

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Expertise And Accountability At Every Step

You’ll have a single point of contact dedicated to exceeding expectations in the most efficient way possible. Their deep knowledge and expertise will help you foresee challenges and deliver better solutions.

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