Butler Builder® P.J. Hoerr Joined The Team After Decades In Business

Construction companies that stand the test of time often attribute their longevity to identifying what works and sticking to it. That has been part of the recipe for success at P.J. Hoerr, whose origin dates back to 1914 in Peoria, IL.

Part of sticking with what works was the company’s 30+ year relationship with a pre-engineered metal building manufacturer.

“We were happy with that relationship and the products we used,” said Kirk Anderson, President of P.J. Hoerr. “Butler had recruited us many times, but we were comfortable with the relationship and products we were getting. But then, that company was bought, and the products we believed in were changed and discontinued,” he said.

Kirk Anderson, President of P.J. Hoerr

Anderson was named President in 2021 after serving as Vice President of the company’s Pre-Engineered Division since 2006, so he has deep knowledge of the PEMB (pre-engineered metal building) products they were using for their client’s projects. He also is very familiar with the products offered by Butler Manufacturing. “Of course, we knew about MR-24®, and given the situation with our previous supplier, we had to consider our options,” Anderson said

“You have to be able to sleep at night when you have four million square feet of roof that you’ve installed.”

A “No Brainer”

Before long, the perfect opportunity presented itself. A client came to P.J. Hoerr looking to expand on an existing Butler building. It was the right situation to test how their team could work with Butler and the products they never installed previously. True to Butler’s agreements, they bought the products through a local Butler Builder® and completed the project.

“After their first experience with Butler products, our field crew said it went up so well, they called it a “no brainer” — they wanted to put up Butler stuff,” Anderson said.

Coming off a 30-year relationship with the previous PEMB manufacturer, P.J. Hoerr wanted to make a move that would last them the next 30 years (at least). “Butler became an easy decision – the right decision,” Anderson said. 

“The roof is the most critical component of any building – it needs to be 10 out of 10,” Anderson said. “Butler is the only manufacturer with an R&D and testing facility, and that comes through when there’s a storm and some buildings lose their roofs, but the ones you built didn’t. Plus, you don't have leaks, and that’s critical for our repeat business model.”

They also have learned that Butler brings more than its industry-leading products to the relationship. Anderson explained how the service and expertise that they get is a critical part of the equation. “We call and they answer,” he said. And it’s not just when helping the office staff or facilitating orders. “They have resources who work with our guys in the field,” Anderson said.

One of the Oldest “New” Builders Ever

P.J. Hoerr just finished their fourth year as a Butler Builder, even though the company has been in business more than 105 years. But, it didn’t take them long to get in the groove. In fact, they achieved New Builder of the Year status in 2019 – a testament to their client relationships and their confidence in Butler products, in spite of using a competitor’s products for all those years.