Design-Build Construction In One Month

Design-build construction has always delivered proven speed-to-market advantages. It can slash months off already aggressive schedules. In addition, when design-build is used in conjunction with a systems construction approach, timelines are condensed even more significantly, because critical project functions happen concurrently. Also, if your building plans involve construction of replicable, prototype facilities, the design-build with […]

How To Earthquake-Proof Buildings

Steel and concrete are the two most prevalent types of structural support materials used in the commercial construction industry. However, given the recent, troubling increase in the number and magnitude of earthquakes occurring globally, it begs the question: Which material performs better in response to severe seismic forces? It’s a difficult conclusion to reach, because […]

How To Pick The Quickest Construction Method: 3 Questions You’re Not Asking

If you’ve ever watched a sprint event at a track meet, you know that a runner’s first step out of the blocks usually dictates who wins. Similarly, to achieve the fastest facility construction performance, your first step is the most critical. Take, for example, a competitive market such as data center operations, where each day […]

5 Principles Of Lean Construction

The new year is a good time to re-examine various approaches to business and determine what methods or processes can be changed to bring about better results. One specific area, as it relates to facility expansion or new construction, is worth serious evaluation. It offers the potential to completely transform conventional construction realities and deliver […]