Butler Express Mezz System

Rise Above the Rest. Fast.

The Butler Express Mezz System is designed to be flexible. Whether you need light loads for office space or heavy loads for storage, the Express Mezz System delivers.

Express Mezz Features & Benefits

Easy Installation

  • No welding is required for all Express Mezz parts, reducing install time.
  • Match your Butler Building with an Express Mezz finished in Butler primer paint or G30 galvanized finish.

Built-In Flexibility

  • Standard module sizes: 8’ x 8’ up to 28’ x 28’ in 4-foot increments.
  • Two standard heights: 9’ or 10’ clearance from underside of perimeter beams.
  • Six economical floor surface options, including ResinDek options, which include pallet jack ratings up to 2800 pounds, one 4” cast-in-place concrete flooring option and a 3/4″ board option.
  • A variety of flooring options.

Freestanding Design

  • Available as part of a larger building project or as a standalone.

Work with an experienced Butler Builder® to get your next mezzanine project off the ground.