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Hybrid Buildings

A hybrid building solution from Butler Manufacturing™ utilizes pre-engineered steel and conventional steel to create a high-performance building of any shape or size.

A Fully Integrated Building Solution

A hybrid building solution from Butler Manufacturing™ integrates three types of primary structural steel (mill beam, three plate members and truss girders or hybrid combinations) with secondary structural members – either Zee purlins, truss purlins or bar joists. Mezzanine or multi-story floor members are also included in a comprehensive structural design.

The Butler® Hybrid building solution integrates any wall material - such as masonry, EIFS, concrete or Butler metal wall systems - with a conventional or Butler structural system to create the desired architectural effect.

Butler’s high-performance, standing-seam metal roof system - the MR-24® roof system - is easily integrated into a hybrid building design. The MR-24 system has a documented life of up to forty-five years and is virtually maintenance-free. The Butler Hybrid building solution can also accommodate building designs that call for a roof solution using metal deck and an appropriate membrane roofing material.

Download the Hybrid Building Solutions Brochure

Use this brochure to help educate your customers about Butler® Hybrid building solutions.


Optimal Solutions Are Design Driven

The preliminary design stage is the critical portion of your project. Involving Butler in the earliest stages of project planning provides the opportunity to arrive at the most cost-effective solution.

Utilizing Tekla software, we efficiently detail complex structural designs and provide Building Information Modeling (BIM) interface if required.

Integrity Means Everything

We are an IAS-accredited steel fabricator, recognized as a manufacturer who fabricates safe, high-quality structures. The rigorous certification process scrutinizes all of the things that are important to you in selecting a manufacturer, including raw material purchasing, welding practices, material receiving, quality control measures, and overall fabrication quality assurance. You should always specify an IAS-accredited fabricator and require a copy of the accreditation certificate.

A Builder You Can Trust

A Butler Builder® is a construction professional who can handle every phase of a construction project. Only builders of the highest integrity and reputation are selected to become Butler Builders.

They will work with you to provide the building system you want, on time and within your budget.

Featured Hybrid Building Project

Newington Energy

This 60,000 sq ft complex was created with a hybrid structural steel framing system that houses two gas turbine generators and one steam turbine generator. 

Micro Matic Lobby Stairs

The Hybrid Wildcard

With Butler Manufacturing, the options extend beyond pre-engineered and conventional steel buildings. More and more buildings are going up using a hybrid construction approach. And with good reason. 

Hybrid steel buildings bring specific advantages within a given set of requirements, specifically any time there’s a mixed-use requirement for the building – such as office space with an adjoining warehouse. 

Ready To Start Building?

Whether you’re a small business, corporation, or a government buyer, Butler is here to help you build.