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Metal Roof Systems

Take your project to new heights with Butler Manufacturing™. Offering state-of-the-art materials matched with endless customization options, our metal roof systems are designed with performance and aesthetics in mind.

For more than 50 years, Butler Manufacturing roofing systems have set the industry standard when it comes to durability and efficiency. From new construction to retrofit—and from low slope to soaring rooflines—our metal roof systems offer unmatched flexibility and performance.

With a vast network of independent Butler Builder® dealers and more than 100 years of experience building better roofing systems, we have the ability and the experience to strategically and effectively tackle any roofing project, anywhere in the world.


Knowledgeable solutions

Our metal roof systems are designed to address the most critical concerns of architects, builders, and owners.


Versatile selection

When your project demands flexibility, the versatility and size of our selection is second to none.


Long-term sustainability

With 50+ years of proven performance, our materials and methods are engineered to stand the test of time.

Want to safeguard your profits?

Butlerib® II Roof System

Butlerib II Roof System

Don’t sacrifice quality even when budget is the highest priority. As the industry’s best through-fastened roof system, the Butlerib® II roof system is specially engineered to be economical both to install and to maintain.

To ensure accurate and simple installation, each panel is factory cut and punched using our patented fasteners that are proven to stay tight over long periods of time. And with factory-slotted holes, the Butlerib II roof system can expand and contract during seasonal temperature changes to provide superior and long-lasting protection.


CMR-24® Roof System
MR-24® Roof System
MR-24® Conventional Roof System
Reroof & Retrofit Roof System
Sky-Web® & Sky-Web II® Fall Protection & Insulation Support Systems
TBS™ Insulation System
ThermaLiner™ Insulation System
VSR II™ Architectural Roof System

Featured Metal Roofing Project

Micro Matic Aerial View

Tapping Into Top-End Functionality

New Micro Matic warehouse is the ultimate in efficiency and aesthetics


Metal roofing solutions built to last


Since 1901, we have challenged the status quo in the metal building industry. Today, our innovative metal products and streamlined roofing systems offer businesses a better solution to their roofing needs. With superior efficiency matched with reduced timelines and budgets, our weathertight roofing systems provides protection and performance for years to come.

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