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MR-24® Conventional Roof System

The industry's #1 standing-seam metal roof system with added energy efficiency for your conventional building or reroof project.

MR-24 Conventional Roof System 

Engineered for performance and proven to deliver superior protection and efficiency.

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Three Times the Service Life vs TPO

The MR-24 Conventional Roof System features Galvalume® that has an anticipated service life of 60 years according to a white paper published by the Metal Construction Association (MCA).

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Precision Engineering

The MR-24 Conventional Roof System uses the Pittsburgh double-lock seam. The final 180-degrees are completed in the field with a portable seaming machine creating a weathertight roof surface. 

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Bearing Plate

The bearing plate ensures insulation is not damaged during the panel clip installation.

MR-24 Over B Deck Cut-A-Way - Cropped

Vapor Retarder

A vapor retarder controls condensation within the roof system and helps to keep the insulation material joints dry. While Butler always recommends a vapor retarder, please enlist a mechanical engineer to verify your insulation and ventilation needs.

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Warranty Protection

The MR-24 Conventional Roof System is available with a 25-year warranty for panel finish protection and weathertightness. With reasonable care and maintenance, it is your worry-free roof solution for 25 years and beyond.

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Rigid Insulation Board*

A variety of metal building boards, some with embossed aluminum facing on both sides, is available and enables the MR-24 Conventional Roof System to deliver exceptional R-value. 

*The acoustic characteristics of rigid foam board insulation may not be suitable for certain buildings. 

MR-24 Conventional Roof System Key Features:


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Learn more about the features and benefits of the MR-24 Conventional Roof System by downloading the brochure.

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