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The MR-24® roof system is the industry’s first and finest standing-seam metal roof system — with 50+ years of proven in-place weathertight performance.

Features And Benefits

  • Acts like a monolithic steel surface covering the entire building and providing superior protection
  • Specifically designed with movable clips to accommodate roof movement under changing temperatures
  • Creates an exclusive 360-degree Pittsburgh double-lock seam, with the final 180 degrees field rolled for superior performance and protection
  • Factory-punched panels and structural members ensure proper alignment and accurate installation
  • Accommodates additional blanket insulation thicknesses or the ThermaLiner™ insulation system to enhance energy efficiency
  • A material-efficient option with compelling sustainability attributes
  • Available in several cool colors for added energy savings
  • Features 2¾” rib heights
  • Can save up to 90 percent on roof maintenance costs
  • UL Class 90 wind uplift rating, U.S. Army Corps-tested, FM Global available and Miami-Dade County-approved

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