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Sky-Web® And Sky-Web II® Fall Protection And Insulation Support Systems

The Sky-Web® and Sky-Web II® fall protection and insulation support systems are the unique, easy-to-install safety systems designed to enhance worker safety and productivity on the job site. The Sky-Web system is an open polyester scrim mesh. Sky-Web II is a web of knotted nylon mesh.

Features And Benefits

  • Protect against leading-edge-of-roof falls
  • Passive-restraint solutions similar to an automobile airbag
  • No action required by workers, such as tying off with lanyards, to provide safety
  • Greatly reduces the distance of a fall, and thus the severity of injury
  • Can remain in place after building is complete to act as a support system for roof insulation
  • NOTE: Sky-Web systems do not eliminate fall hazard from the nonleading edge of the roof and during installation

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