Arbogast Performing Arts Center

Arbogast Performing Arts Center

Project Details

Troy, OH
39,000 square feet
Wall System: None
End Use: Athletic & Entertainment Facilities

Performing Arts Center Strengthens a Community

What originated as space to accommodate large events has evolved into a community gathering place.

Fulfilling A Vision Decades In The Making

A dream that had been evolving since the 1980s has become a reality for a community in Ohio. Located on the campus of Troy Christian Schools in Troy, Ohio, the Arbogast Performing Arts Center has become a popular cultural destination. As a gathering place for the surrounding community, this performing arts center, also known as APAC, provides an array of attractions and uses. Since the building’s completion at the end of October 2021, APAC has been adding value to the regional school and the greater Miami Valley area with enhanced programs in performing and visual arts. What originally started out as a space to accommodate larger events on campus, such as graduations and religious services, has evolved into something even more important.

Since 1979 Brentwood Builders has been a full-service Design-Build and Construction Management firm offering design and construction services to the Miami Valley and surrounding areas. Brentwood became an official Butler Builder in 2016, giving them the tools and confidence to grow their business even further, ultimately leading them to the Arbogast Performing Arts Center Project.

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With a longstanding relationship with Troy Christian Schools, Brentwood Builders provided the campus with a Butler® Building that serves not only the students on campus but the greater community. Brentwood’s affiliation with Butler proved to be a key factor in delighting patrons of APAC and in fulfilling a vision that was decades in the making.

With a sleek, industrial modern look, the building not only looks beautiful, but it helps foster a sense of community and encourages people to enjoy visual and performing arts. The 39,000-square-foot building houses a grand theater where a diverse lineup of talent comes to perform. From concerts, authors, speakers, dance recitals, comedians, and magicians, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Chad Coe, Vice President of Business Development for Brentwood Builders, who was heavily involved in the project, has also been able to attend events at the Performing Arts Center since its erection.

“I was blown away by the space. There’s no bad seat in the house.”

Chad Coe, Vice President of Business Development for Brentwood Builders

In addition to the 1,200-seat auditorium and 75×50 stage, the building is more than an impressively grand theater. The building also contains first and second-floor lobbies that can be utilized for a large variety of events, an art gallery, conference room, office rooms, eight restrooms, a café that serves coffee and snacks, and plenty of amenities such as a shower, dressing room, and laundry room to accommodate performers on their busy tours.

The building is a hybrid solution of conventional steel construction and pre-engineered metal building. Made with only the best material from Butler Manufacturing, the MR-24® roof system is the industry’s first and finest standing-seam metal roof system — with 50+ years of proven in-place weathertight performance. With a project this large and important, the pre-engineered metal building and Butler Conventional Steel Services hybrid solution gave the owners of APAC confidence that the building would last for years to come, and that Brentwood had full capability to design and manage such a special project.

When the building was completed, it was evident that the project was a major success. Not only were the locals able to benefit from the building, but the impressive structure also caught the attention of The Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association, MBCEA. At the 53rd annual MBCEA conference in 2022, the Arbogast Performing Arts Center was awarded “Building of the Year.”

The enduring impact that a performing arts center brings to a community and its residents is felt in educational opportunities, new forms of creative expression, community pride, and positive economic benefits. The cultural enrichment offered and promoted through a facility dedicated to artistic pursuits generates a lifetime of benefits that are far-reaching. Unlike any other building on the campus, Brentwood Builders was able to utilize Butler Manufacturing to create a space that will be treasured by the local community for years to come.

“If there’s anything I want people to take away from this project, it’s that this is truly a space for the community.”

Chad Coe, Brentwood Builders

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