Fort Leonard Wood Tactical Vehicle Simulator

Fort Leonard Wood Tactical Vehicle Simulator

Project Details

Fort Leonard Wood, MO
61,000 square feet
End Use: Tactical vehicle simulator facility and classroom training

BlueScope Construction worked with the Corps of Engineers to design and build a combined training facility for the US Army and the Marines. The facility allows tactical vehicle drivers to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to operate the complicated equipment. The complex has 4 classrooms (space for 240) and a two-level simulator bay to accommodate 84 tactical vehicle simulator machines, student break areas, instructor offices, and an operations communication center. In addition, the facility houses 478 tons of HVAC equipment necessary for the simulators.

BlueScope Construction utilized BlueScope Buildings pre-engineered building components for the metal wall panel and insulated standing seam metal roof. A green feature of the building was the use of translucent panels the entire length of the high bay area for efficient sun-lighting use to save on energy costs.

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