LA Caterpillar

LA Caterpillar

Project Details

New Iberia, LA
24,000 square feet
End Use: Manufacturing, Distribution & Warehousing

New Building Creates Opportunity For Larger Projects And Profits

LA Caterpillar scales up with building expansion.

High Ceilings: The production floor features 60-foot-high ceilings.

Custom Doors: Large exterior doors add efficiency in the new facility.

Serious Muscle: The Butler® structural system supports two 100-ton cranes.

Powering The Gulf Oil Industry

Industry Standard Outgrows Dealer Doors

Louisiana Cat, founded in 1933, is the official Caterpillar® dealer for the state of Louisiana and provides sales, rentals, parts and service for Caterpillar equipment and engines through 21 locations across the state.

The facility, located within the Port of Iberia in New Iberia, Louisiana, is a design, fabrication and packaging center for petroleum and marine electric power generation engines. Once the engines are complete, they are transported to offshore oil rigs and shipyards throughout the Gulf Coast.

Over the past several years, the size and scope of generators have increased. Modern generators can weigh up to 141,000 pounds and can be more than 20 feet high. Recently, Louisiana Cat decided the height and lift limitations of its existing port facility were preventing it from making engine and generator packages large enough to service off-shore wells so a new facility was essential.

“Our existing facility couldn’t accommodate the change in scale. Larger projects are good for business, so we had to make a change.”

Hardy Hopkins, Louisiana Cat

A Builder Relationship Continues

Louisiana Cat turned to an old friend in Brown Builders Inc. Brown Builders, a 40-year Butler Builder® based in Bossier City, introduced design-build to Louisiana in the 1970s. It maintains a national reputation of expertise in construction management, design-build and commercial construction. The Caterpillar dealer and Butler Builder have a long and prosperous association dating back to 1981. For more than 30 years, Brown Builders has provided design-build and construction services for many Louisiana Cat projects throughout the state. Brown Builders again got the call when Louisiana Cat needed to expand.

“Louisiana Cat is a great company that serves a huge industry in Louisiana. We enjoy reconnecting with them on new projects. Strategic business relationships such as this have driven our business for over four decades.”

Kristen Brown, Brown Builders

Strength In Design

The new Port of Iberia facility called for a 24,000-square-foot building featuring two 100-ton cranes to handle the lift capacity for generator build and packaging processes. The building features 60-foot ceilings and large custom doors, which make it easier to distribute the packages from the building. Brown Builders recommended the Widespan structural system, which offers the capacity to accommodate building applications that require large areas of open-floor space.

“We have a tendency to start in one direction and make changes, and Brown Builders is really adaptable to changes. We’ve got a lot of confidence in Brown Builders, so we follow their lead when they recommend Butler building systems.”

Hardy Hopkins, Louisiana Cat

Familiarity Drives Efficiency

To accommodate an expedited building schedule, Brown Builders hired an erector familiar with Butler Building Systems, adding financial and schedule efficiencies.

“Brown Builders are all about efficiency. From assembly to installation, the process is rapid and the buildings are high quality.”

Hardy Hopkins, Louisiana Cat

In the end, the build process was completed in seven months. Louisiana Cat now operates its engine and power generation packaging process in a tall building featuring lift capabilities that more than meet the company’s needs.

“The new facility allows us to meet industry demands and grow our business. We love the building and can’t wait to work with Brown Builders and Butler again in the future.”

Hardy Hopkins, Louisiana Cat

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