Target Safety

Target Safety

Project Details

Lloydminster, Alberta-Saskatchewan
12,575 square feet
End Use: Office

Building The ‘Nicest Office In Town’

CEO sees high-quality building as a key driver of productivity.

Well-Insulated: The roof system used extra-tall clips to allow for nine inches of insulation.
Designed For Daylight: Ample windows allow employees to work in the sunlight.
Winter Construction: Using a systems approach helped get the building enclosed quickly, so construction could continue amidst -40 degree Farenheit temperatures.

A Great Workspace Can Boost Production

A Community Standout

In Lloydminster, Canada, a town that straddles the provincial border between Alberta and Saskatchewan, the petroleum industry drives the local economy. Formerly an agriculture hub, today many farmers in the area are sustained financially by lease payments resulting from oil wells drilled on their land. Given all the oil activity, the need for safe drilling and extraction is high.

Bravo Target Safety LP (formerly Target Safety Services Ltd.), which provides customized safety services to clients throughout Western Canada, carved a niche for itself in the area and capitalized on the recent oil boom. During a 10-year period of growth for the company, CEO Craig Dore leaned on his civil engineering background to gradually develop a design for new headquarters. His goal was to create a great work environment with a strong corporate culture.

Dore’s design became a reality when he built a new office and today, employees at the new Lloydminster location enjoy climate-controlled, personalized space and plenty of exposure to natural daylight. In a town with less than 40,000 people, it stands out as an architectural gem within the community.

In the shop area, overhead doors bring in natural light, and often the lights remain off throughout the day given the amount of natural daylight that pours into the room.

“There really isn’t another building like this in Lloydminster. We truly have the nicest office in town.”

Craig Dore, Bravo Target Safety LP

Target-Bravo Merger

In October 2015, Target Safety Services merged with Bravo Oilfield Safety Services to become Bravo Target Safety. With the merger, Bravo became a one-stop shop for safety services and safety-related products, with extensive experience in numerous areas, including facilities, industrial turnarounds, maintenance, and oil field drilling and completions.

“The more function you can bring into a building for the people working inside, the more efficient your building is in the long run.”
Dallas Williams, Scott Builders

Bravo Target Safety teams provide expertise in well control, emergency response and hydrocarbon firefighting in some of the harshest environments in the world.

Building To Attract Talent

In response to Target’s pre-merger success in Lloydminster, Dore determined it would be the ideal location to expand and establish a new headquarters for the company after outgrowing its previous location. Creating an industry-leading office and shop experience could serve to differentiate the company from its competitors and help attract and retain local talent during a very competitive period of employment.

Once he made the decision to build, Dore focused on finding a building partner that could work within a design-build contract. Dore connected with Scott Builders Inc., a Butler Builder® of more than 40 years located in Red Deer, Alberta.

The Scott Builders team met with Dore to discuss the building he had in mind, and an internal architect made a quick sketch of how the building could look. They explained how the Widespan structural system from Butler Manufacturing, would be a great option to meet the ceiling height and clear floor space design Dore sought.

A Strong Team Focused On Workplace Environment

Dore was satisfied with the Butler® systems recommendation from Scott Builders and quickly connected them with local architect George Berry from Berry Architecture & Associates.

“We had always found Butler buildings to be a good choice for projects that require a quick close and good value for the price. The Butler building met our goals by delivering exactly what we expected based on our design, as well as the potential for a streamlined erection process.”

George Berry, Berry Architecture & Associates

Scott Builders worked closely with Bravo Target Safety and Berry to ensure building needs were met. Dore set out to build a headquarters that would be aesthetically pleasing, providing functional offices and shop spaces to serve Bravo Target Safety’s clientele. Accordingly, Scott Builders looked forward to the new partnership.

“Our core purpose is to create great workplaces for our customers. The earlier a client brings a design-build partner into a project, the more value we can provide.”

Dallas Williams, Scott Builders

Bravo Target Safety is a great example of that type of partnership, which built the Scott Builders team’s excitement for working on their project

“Once the Butler Thermawall wall system was explained to me, I couldn’t be talked out of using it.”
Craig Dore, Bravo Target Safety

Requiring Form To Meet Function

The design-build process prioritized form and function. Aesthetic aspects of the building only would be included if they served a functional purpose within the new office or shop space.

“In working with Craig [Dore] to design the new building, our goal was to ensure the building met his needs from both a functional and  financial standpoint,” Berry said.

“The more function you can bring into a building for the people working inside, the more efficient your building is in the long run. The upfront cost of a building is the smallest portion of your total life cost, so we leaned on the design-build approach to ensure we provided quality at every step.”

Dallas Williams, Scott Builders

To achieve increased levels of function, the design included plenty of glass windows throughout with the aim of welcoming in ample amounts of daylight. Dore, an outdoorsman, felt it was important to offer a taste of nature to each employee throughout the day, which was achieved by the glass finishes. In particular, the boardroom, located on the second floor, was designed to take advantage of daylight by overlooking the foyer and the outside entry into the building. Today, Dore contends that management meetings are more productive in the new boardroom than they’ve ever been.

“I’m a believer in the idea that a great work space can boost employee production.”

Craig Dore, Bravo Target Safety LP

Another example of the marriage between form and function lies within the decisions behind the entryway canopy. Originally, the plan called for a design that would achieve the aesthetics of a canopy entrance, without the full function of a finished roof surface above. As the job neared completion, the Scott Builders team looked out from the boardroom at the canopy and felt that the roof would be better suited to have a full finish. By executing this change, they allowed for the aesthetic form as well as the sheltering function of the canopy to work in harmony.

One cool and economical design decision involved adding a wash bay to the building. The bay allows employees to pull their trucks into the building and wash them on-site, eliminating the expense of paying for car washes.

Achieving Energy In A Cold Climate

Energy efficiency was important to Dore, so Williams recommended the Butler Thermawall wall panel system, which included 2½-inch thick insulated panels to meet their thermal performance needs. He also liked the fact that the interior side of the Butler Thermawall panel features an aesthetically pleasing finish. Upon learning about the Butler Thermawall wall system, Dore was convinced it would be worth the upfront expense to achieve long-term efficiency.

“Once the Butler Thermawall wall system was explained to me, I couldn’t be talked out of using it. It just made too much sense for our environment.”

Craig Dore, Bravo Target Safety LP

Additionally, the installed MR-24® metal roof system featured special tall roof clips, which provided more space between the structural frame and the roof panels, allowing for 9 inches of insulation and boosting the effective R-value of the building.

These energy-efficiency decisions came ahead of the new Alberta energy codes instituted in November 2015, but the building exceeds the new code nonetheless. In a building like the one built for Bravo Target Safety, which includes plenty of windows for natural daylight, better insulation in the roof and wall systems is the best way to reduce energy consumption.

During a winter construction season that saw temperatures dip below minus 20 Fahrenheit, the Scott Builders team was happy to be working with the Butler system of factory fabricated and predesigned structural and wall panels. It sped up erection time and allowed the team to conduct more work indoors and out of the elements.

“There have been times when it’s minus 40 Fahrenheit outside and everybody indoors is working comfortably. That’s all possible due to the insulated shell of the wall panels, and we often don’t even need to heat the building.”

Craig Dore, Bravo Target Safety LP

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