US Army Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities BCT 1, 2, 3

US Army Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities BCT 1, 2, 3

Project Details

Fort Bliss, TX
450,833 square feet
End Use: 18 Equipment maintenance facilities and support buildings

The Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities (TEMF) buildings are used to maintain and repair both tracked and wheeled combat vehicles and tactical equipment. Three different projects at Fort Bliss resulted in a total of 18 TEMF’s and 18 support buildings for three different Brigade Combat Teams (BCT). Each BCT is comprised of approximately 3,500 soldiers. Each design-build firm proposing for the facilities had a different solution. BlueScope Construction (BSC) worked with general contractor Hensel Phelps to provide a pre-engineered building solution that successfully competed against the conventionally designed solutions by other firms. BSC provided structural steel design, building shell materials, building erection services, and concrete foundations and slabs.

The buildings—each designed to support an individual battalion’s vehicles—range in size from 34,297 square feet to 55,490 square feet. Each consists of maintenance bays, equipment and parts storage, administrative offices, oil storage buildings, hazardous material storage, and dispatch buildings. Facilities have overhead cranes and mezzanine areas.

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