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Pharmaceutical Building Solutions

Butler Manufacturing™ is the choice for speed and efficiency. 

Butler Offers You More

Butler Manufacturing™ has transformed the way pharmaceutical manufacturers look at process facility deployment. We provide low maintenance, watertight, and energy-efficient shell structures that house multiple innovative prefabricated autonomous cleanrooms. The speed and efficiency of systems construction means increased profitability by becoming operational sooner to realize the full potential of patents and product lifecycles. Multi-site construction means increased speed to market. We’ve cut timelines by as much as 25% for large scale facilities.

• Rapid deployment with pre-design and pre-fabrication

• Capacity flexing due to uninterrupted scaling-up, scaling-down, and scaling-out

• Reduced total cost of ownership due to design, construction and qualification efficiencies

• Timelines cut by as much as 25% for large scale facilities

• Able to re-purpose for next-generation product life cycles


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