The Need for Speed: Butler Helps North Carolina Brewery Expand with Tier II Classic

When North Carolina-based Dirtbag Ales Brewery and Taproom decided they wanted to expand their offering with a craft cocktail lounge, the owners knew their best shot at success was opening the doors promptly in the spring of 2021.

“Opening in the spring was very important,” said Jackie Hall, partner for the new craft cocktail bar, called Dirty Whiskey. “There are several different events and functions that happen during that time. There’s also the Kentucky Derby, so spring is a high-opportunity time.”

The problem: it was the summer of 2020, and the world was in the throes of a pandemic that was already restricting some supply chain operations. That’s when Butler Builder® Greg West of RAYWEST DESIGNBUILD made the call to loop in Butler Area Manager Kenny Seaman to discuss how they could accommodate the critical timeline.

“After just a few minutes of looking at it, a lightbulb went off,” Seaman said. “This was perfect for the Tier II process that was a new offering at the time.”

Tier II Classic Became the Number One Option

The product that the Butler team suggested for Dirty Whiskey was the Butler® Tier II Classic building system. Given that the Tier II building system is a metal building system that offers a competitive price with a short lead time and faster assembly, they knew it was the right approach to meet the Dirty Whiskey spring 2021 deadline.

The Tier II Classic also offers the type of versatility needed to fit within some existing architectural plans. Tier II Classic customers like Dirty Whiskey can choose from a wide variety of high-quality roof and wall systems in standard and custom colors offered by Butler Manufacturing.

Structurally speaking, the options are nearly endless. Designs can include straight or tapered columns, eave heights up to 30-feet with a high eave, single slope up to 35-feet, overhangs and canopies for added flair and function, wainscot and skirt walls, and rod, portal frames, or diaphragm bracing options for stability. Utilizing either the Butlerib II® or the MR-24® roof system in an assortment of colors, the Tier II Classic system can accommodate gutters, downspouts, and roof-top units.

A long-lasting, resilient roof is vital for builds like Dirty Whiskey that must protect customers from the elements. The same can be said for the structure’s walls, and the Tier II Classic’s walls feature wind-loaded partitions and TextureWall panel wall system and Thermawall insulated metal panels.

Going vertical quickly and keeping the weather out are nice perks of the Tier II Classic, but it’s also a system that customers can rely on for years to come. All Tier II Classic builds feature high-quality materials like our Butler-Cote premium finish system.
Dirty Whiskey Cocktail Bar

And They’re Off…

When the 2021 Kentucky Derby takes place on Saturday, May 1, 2021, no one really knows how many people will be in attendance. But regardless of the number of spectators at Louisville’s famed Churchill Downs that day, you can bet there will be people at a new cocktail bar in North Carolina called Dirty Whiskey, safely gathering and sipping mint juleps in merriment.

The reason they will be there is to celebrate speed, both in the form of the horses racing around the track and the construction of the upscale craft cocktail bar that came together in time to host such an event—thanks to the Tier II Classic building system.

“We are producing buildings that make businesses better,” West said.