Tier II Classic™ Building System

The Butler® Tier II Classic building system is a metal building system that offers a competitive price with a short lead time and faster assembly. Design flexibility allows for a wide variety of slopes, widths, and heights. The building system is suitable for almost any end-use. Available accessories will enhance your building’s appearance while improving its functionality. It’s the Butler Classic™ building system you love but with more design flexibility.

Flexible Options to Support Business Needs

If you need a new facility quickly, take advantage of the flexibility offered by the Butler Tier II Classic building system.

Get Fast Delivery

Work with a Butler Builder® to identify what your facility needs early in the process. When your builder places the order, with no clarification necessary, you can receive the building as soon as eight weeks!

Integrate with Butler Systems

Choose Butler structural, roof, and wall systems for all building types. This integration helps you achieve both the aesthetic look you want and the functionality you need for your business.

Build Quickly

Occupy your building sooner. The Tier II Classic can be assembled up to 30% faster than conventional construction.

Customize the Tier II Classic

Get the functionality you need. A Tier II Classic building system can be designed with skirt walls, below eave canopies at the end walls and sidewalls, and adjacent units.

Choose Excellence

Build your facility for long-term performance when you choose Butler. Our exclusive factory-punched roof and wall panels allow for speedy installation and ensure building reliability over time.

Insulated Metal Panels

Order your Tier ll Classic building with TextureWall™ and ThermaWall™ insulated metal panels.

Expand Your Existing Building

When you choose a Butler Tier II Classic building system, multiple units can be added at or below a building eave. This is a cost-effective way to quickly expand your existing facility. 

Download the Tier II Classic Product Digest

Learn more about the Tier II Classic Building System, including how this low-maintenance option can provide superior performance for years to come. See the structural, roof, and wall options available.

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