Shadowall™ Metal Wall Panel Systems

Shadowall™ Metal Wall Panel Systems combine an architecturally pleasing appearance with exceptional energy efficiency. No additional framing is needed to support installation and the panels require as much as 33% fewer fasteners for lower installation cost and reduced heat loss.
Shadowall™ Metal Wall Panel Systems

Shadowall EX Metal Wall Panel System

Worry less about meeting ever-changing energy codes with the new, innovative Shadowall EX Metal Wall Panel System, offering superior energy efficiency at a lower cost than insulated metal panels. Shadowall EX utilizes a unique stanchion system that allows for eight inches of blanket insulation, providing outstanding U-factor ratings.

Shadowall Metal Wall Panel System

The Shadowall Metal Wall Panel System incorporates many of the features listed above and is ideal for creating architecturally pleasing exteriors with design elements that enhance thermal performance. The Shadowall Wall System adds beauty and lifecycle cost savings, accommodating six inches of blanket insulation.

Features & Benefits

  • 17/16” corrugation provides extra strength
  • Semi-concealed fasteners are available in a variety of options to meet your needs
  • Optional factory-punched panels and structural members ensure proper fit and alignment
  • Superior performance Butler-Cote™ finish system (Kynar500® or Hylar 5000®) adds beauty and protection
  • 24- or 26-gauge steel
  • 36 inches wide and up to 40 feet in length
  • Thermal break window frame available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • U-factor ratings between 0.46 and 0.47

Ideal Usage

  • Warehouse and Distribution Centers
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Office Complexes

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Burr Oak Tool

The Shadowall system was the perfect choice for a Michigan machine tool provider’s expanded facility.

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