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Iowa Western Community College Wellness Center

Project Details

Council Bluffs, IA,
92,248  square feet

Structural System: Butler Heavy Structures
Roof System: MR-24® roof system
Wall System: Butlerib® II wall system
End Use: Athletic and Entertainment

This is a 92,248-square-foot wellness center for Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, IA. The facility includes an indoor turf area that can be used for soccer, football, baseball, or softball. A hard courts area is configured for either two basketball courts or two volleyball courts. It also includes a wellness area and an aerobics area. The entry and the turf building roofs are supported by curved arch trusses. The walls are precast with masonry and metal panel accents; and the roofs are standing seam with AEP Span on the curved entry roof and MR-24 standing seam metal roof system on the remainder.

Trusses are on a 350’ radius and span 180’ and the eave is at 55’. The longest one-piece endwall columns are 69’-11½”. Due to strict deflection and architectural requirements, the frame columns are 5’ deep with 1½”x 16” flanges and a 7/8” web. They weigh approximately 20,000 lbs. each. There is no permanent vertical bracing in the structure; lateral loads will be resisted by precast shear walls.

Butler Heavy Structures_IWCC Wellness Center_Exterior1
Butler Heavy Structures_IWCC_Wellness Center_Steel Erection
Butler Heavy Structures_IWCC_Wellness Center_Interior2
Butler Heavy Structures_IWCC_Wellness Center_Interior3
Butler Heavy Structures_IWCC_Wellness Center_Interior1