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Liberty Electric Power

liberty electric power plant exterior

Project Details

Eddystone, Pennsylvania
40,100 square feet

Structural System: Butler Heavy Structures
Roof System: Other
Wall System: Insulated Metal Panel
End Use: Manufacturing and Industrial

This 40,100-square-foot multi-unit combined cycle plant was built near South Philadelphia to help accommodate the area’s ever-growing energy needs. Butler Heavy Structures provided a hybrid structural steel framing system that incorporated both conventional and pre-engineered components for the turbine building. A pre-engineered standard product line was used for the structural steel and cladding systems on the complex’s office and administrative buildings.

Welded-up, stepped-crane columns were used in the gas and steam turbine building to support a 70-ton top running crane that traverses the 325'-length of the building. Framing for this section of the complex was complicated by a 40'-roof step and heavy support framing for two large filter house units that sit on the low bay roof. A standing seam metal roof system and metal wall system were used on all of the buildings.

Liberty Power Interior
liberty electric power plant full view