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Tinker Air Force Base B-52 Corrosion Control Hangar

Project Details

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
56,000 square feet

Structural System: Butler Heavy Structures
Roof System: MR-24® roof system
Wall System: Butlerib® II wall system
End Use: Aviation

Butler Heavy Structures designed and supplied the structural steel and cladding systems for this 56,000-square-foot stripping hangar for the Air Force. The complicated framing system consists of two 25'-deep parallel chord trusses above the hangar doors. Two 30'-deep super trusses span 160' from the hangar door trusses to the back of the building with infill beams to support the gabled roof.

The building has a dropdown ceiling and wall liner panels. The area above the hangar doors acts as the supply plenum to force airflow from the front to the back of the building. The building is also designed to support piping systems, catwalks, and underhung platform cranes that allow workers to access all parts of the aircraft. The building is clad with a standing seam metal roof and metal wall panels.

Butler Heavy Structures-Tinker B52 In place and bolted
Butler Heavy Structures-B52 Tinker Hangar-Interior
Butler Heavy Structures-B52 Tinker Hangar-Exterior Side Angle
Butler Heavy Structures-Tinker B52 Its Up
Butler Heavy Structures-B52 Tinker Hangar-Interior-2
Butler Heavy Structures-Tinker B52 Backview