Conventional Buildings

Our Conventional Steel Services offer endless design possibilities. We engineer and supply conventionally framed steel buildings for nonresidential building markets.

Building Possibilities

Conventional Approach

Our services cover all conventional steel products, ranging from wide-flange beams and bar joists to pipes and tubes. We can offer unprecedented accuracy because we use the latest modeling software that ensures efficiencies from estimation to fabrication, even with the most complex structural designs. We also simplify construction with high-quality materials. We offer bolted connections for each project, which reduces field-welding labor costs and saves time in construction.

Hybrid Buildings

Our hybrid designs can come in any shape or size to meet the demands for your next project, including mezzanine and multistory buildings. We integrate conventional steel such as mill beams, plate girder members and truss girders with Butler C/Z secondaries or truss purlins. This approach is more cost-effective and efficient.

Heavy Structures

We have a dedicated team focused on large clearspan facilities such as sports arenas and aircraft hangars; large-scale industrial facilities such as steel mills, power generation and heavy manufacturing; and highly architectural structures such as entertainment venues and other community landmarks.

New Office Space Puts Productivity In The Driver's Seat

A 91,000-square-foot building designed for collaboration is erected in just 10 months.

Ready to Start Building?

Whether you’re a small business, corporation or a government buyer, Butler is here to help you build.