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Conventional Steel Buildings

Butler® Conventional Steel Services can design, detail, and manufacture buildings of any shape and size with cost-effective, speed-to-market services.

Our Conventional Steel Services team can provide endless design possibilities and free quotes for your steel building projects. Combining the Butler® building systems construction efficiencies with speed-to-market services, and the unlimited design freedom of conventional steel materials delivers the optimal metal building solution.

Benefit From a Single-Source Solution

We streamline the construction process with a comprehensive structural steel package that includes design, estimating, detailing, and fabrication. Involvement in the earliest stages of project planning results in time and cost savings.

Build Without Limitations

A conventional solution encompasses all conventional steel products — ranging from wide-flange beams and bar joists to pipes and tubes. The design possibilities are endless, from special features to multi-story facilities.

Innovate with State-of-the-Art Modeling

We use the latest modeling software to ensure efficiencies from estimation to fabrication, even with the most complex structural designs. Provide your project team with reliable data at each stage of construction to ensure high-quality execution.


Conventional Building Pricing-Fast

Finalize your project cost early in the design-build process. We are your designer and supplier on conventional building projects.

Competitive Pricing

Butler Conventional Steel Services optimizes by cost more than weight alone. Lower weight does not always produce the lowest cost.

Simplify Construction

Bolted connections are offered as part of every conventional steel building solution, which reduces labor costs and saves time in construction.

Mizzou Arena

Delivering Conventional Steel Solutions with Seamless Execution

Because conventional steel structures are highly durable and customizable, they are a great fit for industrial facilities, office buildings, warehouses, aviation hangars, manufacturing plants, multi-story buildings, shopping centers, and sports arenas.

The Path To A Building: Conventional Steel Services vs Design-Build


Featured Conventional Steel Building Project

USTA Indoor Tennis Center


To accommodate the increase of visitors and ever-expanding public programs, USTA embarked on a mission to significantly increase the size and usage of its Indoor Tennis Center.




Download this brochure to further explore conventional steel solutions. Use it to help educate your customers about your capabilities and offerings.

Ready To Start Building?

Whether you’re a small business, corporation, or a government buyer, Butler is here to help you build.