Accelerate Sports

Accelerate Sports

Project Details

Whitesboro, NY
84,250 square feet
End Use: Athletic & Entertainment Facilities

Bringing Athletic Families Under One Roof

$6 million design-build sports complex a first for its community.


The facility fits an unobstructed soccer field.

Custom Engineering

Butler engineers helped design a mezzanine wrap-around level.

8 Months To Open

Building design and construction ran from March to November.

Quick-Turn Custom Building

Uniting The Sports Experience Under One Roof

Getting everywhere you need to be at once is nearly impossible for today’s busy sports moms and dads. One father of three, Fred Burrows, hoped to solve the issue for parents in the Whitesboro, New York, area when he decided to help eliminate the frequent trips to sporting events and build a multisports complex.

“I’d been all over the state at different sports facilities. I knew that we could take the best elements of them all and put them under one roof.”

Fred Burrows, Accelerate Sports

Ultimately, the goal of building a local sports center focused on accommodating a number of different sports across multiple age groups, from youth to adult recreational and competitive sports. The complex would provide an outlet for every member of the family to get active.

A Business Relationship Evolves

As a commercial and residential material supplier, as well as site contractor, Burrows had plenty of experience in the development and construction industries. Over the years, the Fred Burrows Trucking & Excavating company worked on many development projects, executing site work on behalf of various builders, including Gaetano Construction, a Butler Builder® based in Utica, New York.

Beyond that, Burrows often worked on projects that featured Butler building systems. Given the familiarity, the builder-selection process didn’t take long once Burrows decided to make the sports complex dream a reality.

“Having worked with Gaetano for so long and knowing how much of their business is repeat customers, we knew they would do everything in their power to deliver a quality project. We anticipated a few engineering challenges and knew that the Butler connection would be a vital part of the process, so it was a no-brainer for me.”

Fred Burrows, Accelerate Sports

MVP: Butler Engineering

The main design consideration for the project was to achieve clearspans that would accommodate an unobstructed full-size soccer field, as well as basketball courts. To achieve this 155-foot span, Butler and Gaetano custom-engineered the Widespan™ structural system.

“The project involved a great deal of custom engineering with Butler to get the right support in place. Our design-build expertise and Butler’s engineering knowledge gave us the right combination to build a secure structure while maintaining a fast timeline.”

David Kleps, Gaetano Construction

Gaetano tapped Butler engineering to determine how to frame the mezzanine level to house batting cages, pitching mounds and a running track along the perimeter of the building.

“Butler’s engineers thoroughly analyzed the bounce factor and made changes to the design in order to minimize vibrations along the suspended track. Provisions were also made in the framing for ceiling-mounted sports equipment such as the basketball backboards, as well as two full-size dividing nets for the indoor soccer field.”

Lucas Saltsman, Gaetano Construction

Time To Play Ball

The full project wrapped and opened in November, eight months after it began. Today, Accelerate Sports is constantly in use by various organizations and teams. Membership is growing each month, and business is going well. Beyond that, Burrows’ mission of providing a one-stop sporting experience became a reality.

“Now we can go to one place and don’t have to divide and conquer as often as in the past to get our kids to their activities. We don’t miss many events because they’re all at the same place, and we’re glad to provide that same opportunity for other families.”

Fred Burrows, Accelerate Sports

Butler Builder®

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