Brunswick Naval Air Station P3 Orion Maintenance Hangar

Brunswick Naval Air Station P3 Orion Maintenance Hangar

Project Details

Brunswick, Maine
168,000 square feet
Roof System: Other
End Use: Aviation, Institutional

The P3 Orion Maintenance Facility is comprised of two separate three-bay work bays, each featuring a 136′ x 380′-column-free area. Each hangar has an eight-panel vertical lift Megadoor with removable mullions, for a 372′-3″-clear opening, 46′-4″ high. Interior clearance for the hangars is 69′-3″, providing vertical clearance for fall protection systems and underhung cranes.

The 106,000-square-feet hangar has 62,000 square feet of shops and offices, and over 20,000 square feet of elevated mezzanines. Framing is designed for Maine’s 60 PSF ground snow loading, 100 mph wind load, and Seismic Design Category D Design is per both ASCE-7 and military specification TI-809-04. Deflection of the 30′-deep header box truss is limited to just 9″ under snow loading, to meet the door manufacturer’s requirements. Design calculations and drawings are in metric, per customer requirements.

Exterior wall panels are a flat metal panel system supplied with sidelap sealant to achieve the air and water infiltration requirements specified. The exterior walls have 6″ of faced fiberglass insulation. The total wall system has a calculated R-value of 22.4. The roof system is a conventional deck and insulation over open web bar joists.

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