Incredible Hulk Coaster®

Incredible Hulk Coaster®

Project Details

Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure®, Orlando, Florida
2,520 square feet
Roof System: Other
Wall System: Non BMC
End Use: Athletic and Entertainment

That Gamma Ray Gun really is a Butler Building! This unusual structure was designed by Butler Heavy Structures as an integral part of a rollercoaster, providing cover for the ride’s unique launch mechanisms and an enhanced experience for the riders. The 150′-long enclosure is set at a 30-degree angle from horizontal. Riders exit from the top of the enclosure at speeds of 60 mph. A cross-section cut through the enclosure would reveal that the structure actually resembles a keyhole.

The top of the keyhole is formed by a series of 13 rings spaced on 10′ to 12’6″ centers along the length of the incline. The rings were fabricated from W8x40 mill sections that were rolled to an inside diameter of 16’8″. The rings are mounted to hollow steel tube sections that span up to 50′ between the main supports for the coaster. The 1/2″ thick, 20″ deep tube sections were chosen for their ability to resist torsional forces that are induced by the rings.

The bottom of the “keyhole” consists of W6x9 mill sections that are welded into miniature rigid frames and attached to the underside of the support tubes on 6’3″ centers. These small frames provide support for the metal stud framing system that encloses the underside of the ride and protects the mechanical equipment from the elements. The series of rings are joined together by W8x24 mill sections that run the length of the enclosure and provide lateral stability to the framing system. Cold-form Z-sections, 8″ deep, were also installed around the perimeter of the rings to provide additional lateral stability and for attachment of the interior liner and exterior cladding systems.

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