McDermott Fabrication Facility

McDermott Fabrication Facility

Project Details

Altamira, Mexico
136,939 square feet
End Use: Manufacturing and Industrial

Butler Heavy Structures designed and supplied the structural steel for McDermott’s fabrication and assembly buildings, where they build off-shore oil and gas platforms prior to shipping the assembled platforms to the Gulf of Mexico.

This 104,267-square-foot assembly building was built to contain two separate runways of 44-ton top-running cranes at a top-of-rail elevation of 104′, that made for a 118′-0 eave height at the low side of the single-slope building. The open-ended assembly building was designed so the cranes could roll onto the 120′-external runway system for their short trip to their sea-going transport.

This 32,672-square-foot sub-assembly building joins perpendicularly to the closed end of the assembly building and houses a 59′-0 tall single-leg 20-ton gantry crane that is designed to travel out either end to external runways.

Shortly after completing the erection of the assembly and sub-assembly structures, McDermott added other process building structures on the site to feed fabricated parts to the assembly buildings. Butler Heavy Structures then supplied the 50,166-square-foot plate and girder shop buildings. These structures house 20-ton and 40-ton cranes at rail heights of 61′-7″ & 46′-7″.

Due to the structures being open to the environment and near the gulf, structurals were supplied galvanized. The structures were clad with a 22-gauge ALZN standing seam metal roof system and 26-gauge metal wall panels.

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