Redstone Arsenal Rotary Wing Center, Building 4880

Redstone Arsenal Rotary Wing Center, Building 4880

Project Details

Huntsville, Alabama
128,000 square feet
End Use: Aviation, Institutional

As part of the base realignment and closure moves from military bases across the United States, this new facility is part of the new Redstone Test Center. It was created after the 2005 BRAC decision ordered the relocation of helicopter flight test operations from Fort Rucker to Redstone Arsenal. The new hangar is approximately 128,000 square feet and includes administrative areas, aviation operations, testing areas, parts storage, and technology shops.

The low bay hangar has a 28′ x 390′-door opening with sliding doors and two columns in the opening and the high bay hangar has a 39′ x 290′-door opening with sliding doors and one column in the openings. The high bay area is designed to offer the maximum possible flexibility for the user to accommodate a variety of aircraft types, accomplished by a bi-level high bay roof structure.

The hangar high bay space simultaneously accommodates four CH-47s in the higher-level bay (with overlapping service areas for two C-27Js or two Gulfstream 550s) and, in the lower-level high-bay, six UH-60s (with overlapping service areas for three AH-64s and four OH-58s). The facility also includes four 3-ton overhead bridge cranes and multiple rows of Flex-Line safety cables. The roof is a painted standing seam metal roof system and the walls are clad with a ribbed metal wall panel system.

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