Wyandot County EMS New Headquarters Addition and Renovation

Wyandot County EMS New Headquarters Addition and Renovation

Project Details

Upper Sandusky, OH
12,000 square feet
End Use: County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Headquarters

When the Wyandot County EMS purchased an existing building in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, for future operations, they knew the structure had great potential but also knew it needed major renovations as well as an addition to accommodate all the must-haves on the list. The building had started out as an auto dealership, became a fitness center, and then a church.

The EMS wanted a local contractor they trusted to do the renovations, but wanted to avoid a hard-bid, lowest initial cost contractor that would give them expensive multiple change orders as surprises popped up in the renovation. As a Sourcewell purchasing cooperative member, the EMS was able to ensure the lowest cost by contracting with BlueScope Construction, an authorized Sourcewell provider that had been through an extensive vetting process. As with a prior project for the County, BlueScope used a local contractor, Clouse Construction, as their prime on-site subcontractor. Clouse knew the local subcontractors and ensured the facility would use local suppliers.

A finalized building plan revealed the 12,000 square foot facility would have more overhead doors for emergency vehicles, a large training room, sleeping areas, and much-needed storage space.

In the beginning, many questioned whether the building was worth saving; however, since the project was completed, the EMS department has received nothing but positive feedback and compliments from the community.

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